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Full-Scale Hospitality Revitalisation for Libya’s Social Security Fund

Owning 20 hotels, 4 resorts, and numerous wide-ranging hospitality businesses, the Libyan Social Security Fund had always been aware of the crucial role of human capital in managing these assets effectively. Seeking to elevate the proficiency and efficiency of their extensive workforce, whilst ensuring the highest standards of service, the Fund engaged Qabas to make this happen.

Our Approach

  1. Needs Assessment: We conducted a thorough analysis to identify the specific training requirements for different roles within the Fund’s hospitality portfolio, ensuring the training programs were precisely tailored to meet the diverse needs of the workforce.
  2. Language Skills Training: We developed intensive language training programs in English, French, and Italian to improve communication skills, including interactive sessions, practical exercises, and immersion techniques to enhance language proficiency effectively.
  3. Hospitality Management Training: We provided wide-ranging training on various aspects of hospitality management, including specialised programs for hotel receptionists, guest interaction, tourism management, and hotel operations to instil best practices and improve service standards across all properties.
  4. Customised Workshops and Seminars: We facilitated workshops and seminars tailored to specific roles within the Fund’s hospitality businesses, covering topics such as customer service excellence, operational efficiency, and management practices to ensure comprehensive skill enhancement for all employees.
  5. Ongoing Support and Evaluation: We implemented mechanisms for continuous support and evaluation to monitor the effectiveness of the training programs, conducting regular assessments and feedback sessions to ensure ongoing improvement and alignment with the Fund’s objectives.


The training programs led to transformative improvements in the performance and efficiency of the Libyan Social Security Fund’s hospitality workforce. Enhanced language skills facilitated seamless communication with international guests, significantly boosting guest satisfaction and loyalty. Improved management practices ensured consistent service quality across all properties, leading to a marked increase in operational efficiency and guest experience.

The training initiatives empowered employees by providing them with the necessary skills and confidence to excel in their roles, fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement within the Fund’s tourism portfolio. As a result, the Fund experienced a notable increase in positive guest feedback, higher occupancy rates, and repeat bookings, positioning its hospitality assets as preferred choices in the competitive Libyan tourism market.

Additionally, the full-scale approach to training and development strengthened the overall reputation of the Libyan Social Security Fund as a leader in hospitality management. This revitalisation not only optimised operational performance but also significantly enhanced the Fund’s competitive position.

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