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Quality Management Overhaul at Buraq Air

Despite its established presence, Libya’s first private airline sought to enhance its performance and align with customer expectations. To achieve these goals, Buraq Air engaged Qabas to lead the full implementation of ISO 9001, ensuring compliance with stringent statutory and regulatory requirements.

Our Approach

We undertook a detailed and methodical review of Buraq Air’s operations to facilitate the ISO 9001 implementation. This involved several key steps:

  1. Initial Assessment: We conducted a thorough gap analysis to identify areas needing improvement and align them with ISO 9001 standards, providing a clear roadmap for the implementation process.
  2. Development of Quality Management Framework: We documented all necessary processes, procedures, and policies to establish a quality management framework compliant with ISO 9001 standards, serving as the foundation for consistent operational practices.
  3. Employee Training and Engagement: We implemented extensive training programs to ensure all employees were well-versed in the new quality management principles, facilitating workshops and seminars to instil a culture of quality and continuous improvement within the organisation.
  4. Process Standardisation and Optimisation: We standardised operational processes to eliminate inefficiencies and ensure uniform service delivery, revising existing procedures and introducing new protocols to streamline operations and enhance performance.
  5. Establishment of Performance Metrics: We established key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the quality management system, conducting regular audits and reviews to ensure ongoing compliance and identify opportunities for continuous improvement.
  6. Continuous Improvement Mechanisms: We instituted mechanisms for continuous improvement, allowing Buraq Air to adapt and refine its processes in response to evolving customer needs and regulatory requirements, ensuring agility and responsiveness to market dynamics.
  7. Stakeholder Communication and Engagement: We maintained clear and transparent communication with all stakeholders, including staff, customers, and regulatory bodies, ensuring alignment with the airline’s quality objectives and fostering trust and confidence in Buraq Air’s commitment to excellence.


We executed the full implementation of ISO 9001, leaving no aspect of the process untouched:

  1. Strategic Focus: We prioritised the development and implementation of a robust quality management system to streamline operations and enhance performance.
  2. Resource Allocation: We concentrated resources on employee training and process standardisation to ensure consistent service delivery and regulatory compliance.
  3. Performance Monitoring: We established a set of KPIs to monitor system effectiveness and drive continuous improvement.
  4. Stakeholder Engagement: We maintained transparent communication with all stakeholders to build trust and ensure alignment with quality objectives.

The Results

The implementation of ISO 9001 positioned Buraq Air as a leader in quality within the Libyan aviation sector. The airline achieved enhanced operational efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and robust regulatory compliance. This strategic initiative fortified Buraq Air’s competitive edge and laid a solid foundation for sustained growth and excellence in service delivery. By embracing a rigorous quality management system, Buraq Air set a benchmark for industry standards, securing its reputation as a reliable and customer-centric airline.

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