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Mellitah Oil and Gas Streamlines its Environmental and Security Protocols

Italy’s ENI and Libya’s National Oil Corporation joint venture aimed to enhance its environmental and security operations. To achieve this, Mellitah engaged Qabas to lead the implementation of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications—without disrupting oil production.

Challenges of Extensive Operations

Our client manages a wide range of operations, including several onshore fields, various offshore platforms, a floating tank, and an extensive network of pipelines. They export processed natural gas through the Green Stream, a 516-kilometer offshore pipeline linking Libya to Italy, and meet significant local natural gas consumption needs, feeding power generation stations across Libya. The scale and complexity of these operations posed unique challenges in implementing the ISO standards.

Implementation Strategy

      1. Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis: We began with a thorough needs assessment and gap analysis to identify areas for improvement in environmental management and occupational health and safety practices. This involved evaluating current practices, conducting stakeholder interviews, and benchmarking against international standards.

      1. Customised Action Plans: Based on the gap analysis, customised action plans were developed to address specific needs, ensuring alignment with ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards. This included creating tailored environmental management systems (EMS) and occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMS) to suit Mellitah’s extensive operations.

      1. Training and Development: Extensive training programs were designed and delivered to ensure that Mellitah’s staff were well-versed in the new standards. This included workshops, seminars, and practical exercises to reinforce learning, all tailored to accommodate the diverse and widespread nature of the company’s operations.

      1. Process Standardisation: Operational procedures were standardised to integrate environmental and safety considerations into daily activities. This involved introducing new protocols and revising existing ones to enhance compliance and effectiveness, all while ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

      1. Performance Monitoring: Key performance indicators (KPIs) were established to monitor the effectiveness of the implemented systems. Regular audits and reviews were conducted to ensure compliance and identify areas for further improvement.

      1. Stakeholder Engagement: Regular communication with internal and external stakeholders was maintained to ensure alignment with sustainability and safety objectives. This included updates to regulatory bodies, local communities, and employees, ensuring that all parties were informed and supportive of the changes.


        1. Enhanced Compliance: The implementation of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards ensured that Mellitah Oil and Gas met all relevant local and international regulations, reducing legal risks and enhancing its reputation.

        1. Improved Risk Management: The company’s ability to identify, assess, and manage risks was significantly enhanced, leading to safer operations and a more secure working environment.

        1. Operational Efficiency: Streamlined processes and standardised procedures resulted in reduced operational costs and improved productivity across Mellitah’s extensive and diverse operations.

        1. Reduced Accidents: Enhanced safety protocols and training programs led to a substantial decrease in workplace incidents and injuries, even in the complex environments of onshore fields and offshore platforms.

        1. Emergency Preparedness: The development and activation of comprehensive emergency plans improved the company’s readiness to respond to various types of emergencies, ensuring quick and effective responses.

        1. Continuous Improvement: Ongoing monitoring and analysis of performance indicators facilitated continuous improvement, ensuring that Mellitah Oil and Gas maintained high standards in environmental and security operations.

      By implementing ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications, Mellitah Oil and Gas not only enhanced its operational efficiency and safety protocols but also reinforced its commitment to protecting individuals, the environment, and its facilities. This strategic initiative has positioned Mellitah Oil and Gas as a leader in the industry, capable of meeting the highest standards of environmental and occupational health and safety despite the extensive and complex nature of its operations.

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