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Anti-Counterfeiting Strategy for a Fortune 500 Company in Libya

Facing significant intellectual property counterfeiting issues in Libya, a Fortune 500 company sought local expertise to safeguard their assets. To address these challenges, the company engaged Qabas to develop and implement a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting strategy.

Intellectual Property Registration and Legal Compliance

Our initial response involved the formal legal registration of the company’s intellectual property within Libya, ensuring compliance with local laws. This step was crucial to establish a legal foundation for protecting the company’s assets. We worked closely with local legal experts to navigate the complexities of the Libyan legal system and ensure all intellectual property rights were fully registered and protected.

Counterfeit Network Mapping and Legal Action

To effectively combat counterfeiting, we subcontracted a team of specialists to map the counterfeit network. This involved:

  1. Identifying Key Contributors: Investigating and pinpointing the main sources of counterfeit production and distribution.
  2. Tracing Distribution Channels: Mapping out the distribution channels used to circulate counterfeit goods within and outside Libya.

Parallel to these efforts, we initiated legal proceedings against identified counterfeiters. We engaged closely with Libyan state officials and regulatory agencies to foster supportive legal and enforcement frameworks, ensuring swift and decisive action against violators.

Collaborative Framework and Enforcement

To ensure the long-term success of our anti-counterfeiting strategy, we focused on establishing a strong legal and collaborative environment with local authorities. This included:

  1. Engagement with State Officials: Regular meetings and collaboration with Libyan state officials to secure their support and cooperation in enforcing anti-counterfeiting measures.
  2. Regulatory Agency Involvement: Working with regulatory agencies to ensure they were equipped and motivated to take action against counterfeit activities.


The implementation of our anti-counterfeiting strategy led to several significant outcomes:

  • Cessation of Counterfeit Activities: The comprehensive approach resulted in the complete cessation of counterfeit activities related to the company’s products in Libya.
  • Robust Intellectual Property Protection: The company’s intellectual property was robustly registered and legally protected within Libya, providing a strong foundation for ongoing enforcement.
  • Established Legal and Collaborative Environment: A strong legal and collaborative environment was established, ensuring continued support from local authorities and regulatory agencies.

By implementing this strategy, we effectively safeguarded the Fortune 500 company’s intellectual property, eliminated counterfeit activities, and established a sustainable framework for ongoing protection and enforcement in Libya.

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