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Cross-Border Export Feasibility Analysis for a Tunisian Enterprise

A Tunisian-based firm was keen on regularising its commercial activities with Libya and sought to assess the feasibility of obtaining the necessary goods-export licenses and permits. Recognising the complexities involved, the firm sought Qabas’s expertise to ensure a well-informed and strategic approach.

Our Approach

To support this initiative, our team conducted a full-framework analysis to pinpoint the relevant Libyan laws and regulations. This involved several key steps:

  1. Regulatory Analysis: We examined Libyan export regulations, identifying the necessary licenses and compliance requirements. This included analysing legal texts and consulting with local experts to ensure a thorough understanding of the regulatory environment.
  2. Strategic Compliance Plan: Based on our findings, we devised a strategic compliance plan. This plan detailed the steps required to obtain the export licenses, including documentation, procedural requirements, and potential legal hurdles.
  3. Cost Assessment: We estimated the associated costs for obtaining the export licenses, considering both direct and indirect expenses. This helped the firm budget effectively and plan for financial outlays.
  4. Timeline Development: We developed a structured timeline, breaking down the plan into specific tasks and establishing a critical path to ensure the firm could successfully navigate the licensing process. This timeline included milestones and deadlines to keep the process on track.

The Results

The final deliverable was an extensive report detailing the regulatory framework, strategic compliance plan, associated costs, and a structured timeline. This meticulously curated report provided the Tunisian firm with a solid foundation for making informed decisions regarding their commercial expansion into Libya.

As a result, the firm was well-positioned to capitalise on the opportunities of the Libyan market, ensuring alignment with their broader business goals and compliance requirements.

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