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Crafting a Green Future for an Egyptian Personal Care and Cosmetics Giant

An Egyptian manufacturer of personal care and cosmetic products, here referred to as BeautyCo*, faced the challenge of aligning its sustainability initiatives with ambitious environmental targets. The company had publicly committed to achieving full product circularity and significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Despite launching multiple initiatives, BeautyCo needed clarity on whether these efforts were sufficient to meet its targets.

Tailored Roadmap and Strategy Development

Over a period of 12 weeks, our consultancy team collaborated with BeautyCo to create a detailed roadmap towards sustainability. This involved forecasting the future landscape of sustainability over the next decade across BeautyCo’s regional markets and product lines. We utilised a variety of industry scenarios to guide BeautyCo’s leadership in understanding the impact of specific sustainability initiatives, with a particular focus on packaging strategies.

In-depth Focus on Sustainable Packaging

Packaging emerged as a significant contributor to BeautyCo’s carbon footprint and waste generation. Our analysis included detailed market studies in key regions to develop a nuanced understanding of current and future packaging trends. Through discussions with sustainability experts, business leaders, and BeautyCo’s executive team, we identified areas where the company’s packaging efforts were falling short of their environmental commitments.

To streamline our analysis, we introduced a “LICT” framework, which stands for Legislative changes, Infrastructural requirements, Consumer preferences, and Technological breakthroughs. This framework helped quantify the impact of various sustainability initiatives and model their potential effects across BeautyCo’s operations globally.

Strategic Alignment and Vision Articulation

With insights derived from our LICT analysis, we conducted a two-day workshop aimed at aligning over 15 of BeautyCo’s leaders around a unified sustainability strategy. This workshop included scenario modelling for waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions and facilitated a full review of the company’s sustainability efforts. The discussions led to a prioritised list of actions that required enhanced support, re-evaluation, or acceleration.

Creating a Unified Approach to Sustainability

The outcome of our consultancy was a clear, shared understanding among BeautyCo’s regional and business unit leaders regarding the company’s sustainability stance and priorities. This consensus is vital for coordinating efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve full circularity in product life cycles. The established roadmap not only provides a guide through the uncertainties of future environmental conditions but also solidifies the company’s commitment to the sustainability initiatives it has set in motion.

*We take our clients’ confidentiality seriously; whilst names are changed, outcomes remain real.

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