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Better Analytics Enhance Quality and Cost Efficiency at a Mining Operation

A pivotal operation site of a small-size mining enterprise, MiningCo*, experienced significant quality control issues with contaminants affecting approximately 18% of its product output. This not only compromised production capacity but also escalated reprocessing expenses. Enhancing product quality was deemed essential not just for operational efficiency but also as a strategic lever to outperform competitors.

Financial Upsurge through Strategic Interventions 

Engaging intensively with process engineers, we employed advanced analytics to discern the optimal characteristics of product batches. This involved the analysis of over 300 variables from various data sources through every phase of production. The insights gained were crucial in identifying the fundamental causes of quality shortfalls and facilitated targeted interventions to mitigate these issues.

Guided by our analysis, MiningCo redefined its process operating parameters and adjusted its equipment maintenance protocols. This recalibration included the deployment of a new process control loop, complete with an alarm system to alert deviations from the set operating conditions.

Outcomes and Benefits 

The strategic adjustments led to a dramatic reduction in product contaminants and defects by more than 45%, while enhancing the plant’s overall equipment effectiveness by upwards of 9%. These improvements not only optimised production processes but also generated a notable EBITDA increase of between 8% and 15%, positioning MiningCo for enhanced competitive advantage and financial stability.

*We take our clients’ confidentiality seriously; whilst names are changed, outcomes remain real.

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